As everyone knows, the CoronaVirus continues to be an area of concern across the country.  We want to communicate some information to everyone.

  1. In all offices General Managers have been directed to ensure that deep cleaning/disinfectant activities are conducted to help prevent possible spreading.  In addition, please do your part to help with these activities- clean desks, do your own wiping down, keep bathrooms clean, etc.
  2. Employees should remember and practice the basics- social distancing, cover your cough, wash your hands/use hand sanitizer, and don’t touch your face.
  3. Most importantly if you are sick please stay home.  Be considerate of your co-workers and help stop the spread. Text or e-mail doctor info lab results to your GM and EHS.
  4. As a company we have started to do decontamination projects for a variety of customers and are staying on top of all recommendations, closings and other guidance documents that CDC, OSHA and World Health Organizations are putting out.
  5. If you or someone in your family are found to be positive we ask that you text, or e-mail the medical information to your General Manager or EHS so we can proactively manage the spread in the areas where you work.
  6. If a positive case is in your immediate family/household we ask that you do not return to work until tested and confirmed negative.  Your ACV family will appreciate this.

Again, many of the school closings, large venue closings are being done to slow down the spread of this virus and are being done as proactive measures.  CDC still says that the best line of defense is proactive measures and good hygiene practices.


Donna Miller / Vice President Environmental, Health & Safety

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