ACV ENVIRO’s Sewer Division played a small but significant role in the CIPP reconstruction of a critical 15”x 450 LF sanitary line that was underlying a much-larger showcase promenade project at a New York University.  During the summer of 2016 the University undertook an ambitious $6 million project to transform an unremarkable campus access road into a showcase promenade complete with aesthetic concrete structures and walkways, seating gardens, shade trees and full-access Wifi. It is a complete transformation of the main entrance to the campus. 

The entire 3-month project had to be completed before students returned to school in mid-August. With over a dozen contractors, operating in a very tight space with extensive excavation, concrete pouring, utility replacement there was one problem…under it all was a critical sanitary line that picked up flows from large campus buildings.  The sanitary line was not only in rough shape, it also had a slight bend that added to the risk of the trenchless CIPP installation process.  Flows from the large, campus buildings also had to be picked up and bypassed during the CIPP installation. Our team made the job look easy!

In the end ACV ENVIRO’s Sewer Division received accolades from the Prime Contractor and the University construction management for a job well-done———-ON TIME / ON BUDGET / ON POINT WITH RESULTS.

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