Each day, men and women from our company return home from work to their families injury and illness free thanks to our outstanding environmental, health and safety team. Our team’s mission is to protect the wellbeing of those we employ, those we serve and those who look to us for a safer environment; and the ACV Enviro EHS team has dedicated their careers to honoring that oath. They work to identify and eliminate potential hazards in the workplace and to educate our team on everchanging regulations, processes and policies.

ACV Enviro would like to recognize the efforts of the entire team, during Occupational Safety & Health Week.

Our team includes:

Donna Miller, CHHM
Vice President

Al Guerrero
Brad Shepard
Brain Francis
Juan Torres Rivas
Benjamin Thomas
John Grohol
Chris Estevez
Kurtis Ross II
Jeff Kraus, COSS
Frank Merritt, Jr.
Nick Prevosti
Jim Butler
Sean McDonnell

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