ACV Enviro can tackle any lab pack scenario a client pushes our way. During a recent project in Hackensack New Jersey, a landlord of a small facility called in need of some help. A small pharmaceutical company had packed up and left most of their chemicals in the space (see before pictures). The landlord did not know who to turn to, and reached out to ACV Enviro. Our team removed the unwanted, expired and out of date materials. As a one-stop-shop, ACV Enviro identified and categorized all the chemicals, prepared a complete inventory, packaged all chemicals per strict DOT and EPA specifications, labeled and transported the chemicals for processing. The landlord was thrilled with team’s prompt, safe and cost effective removal of the unwanted chemicals.

It is often a misconception in the industry that something this “small” is not what a large lab pack organization, like ACV Enviro tackles; that is untrue. ACV Enviro works tirelessly handling laboratory waste disposal, chemical moves, laboratory decommissioning, secure destruction, specialized waste solutions, technical and waste management for clients of all sizes. Our team’s attention to detail, commitment to excellence and high safety standards make us a proven industry leader for lab pack services. Download our brochure today.



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