When a large private university needed all of the chemicals removed from one of their 5 story science lab buildings, ACV Enviro was there to answer the call. After an act of nature caused damage that shut down all of the utilities to the building, including the elevators and environmental systems, ACV came up with a plan to safely collect, transport and dispose of all the chemical, radioactive and biological materials from the building. During the initial sweep to remove all of the unwanted chemicals, several potentially reactive or explosive materials were found including old peroxide forming solvents, Diazo compounds, and dry picric acid. This was no problem for the ACV reactive team, who came up with a plan to safely transport the materials out of the building and remotely open them in our secure reactive trailer. Once opened, the materials were tested and stabilized as necessary so that they could be safely transported and disposed of at one of our TSD Facilities. ACV Enviro’s ability to perform all of the operations; from packaging, transportation, disposal and reactive stabilization “in house”, led to a safe, successful and cost effective solution to an unfortunate situation at the university.

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