What are the four keys to safe emergency response? According to the American Society of Safety Professionals, you must identify potential emergency situations, make an action plan for the event and for recovery, clearly designate responsibilities for those involved in the plan, and consider which external agencies to contact, including law enforcement, first responders, and HAZMAT teams. Learn more at www.assp.org/news-and-articles/2019/03/06/four-keys-to-safe-emergency-response.

In the event of an environmental emergency, ACV Enviro’s Emergency Response Team should be one of the first calls you make. With a 24/7 hotline at 800-7-SPILLS (800-777-4557) and an easy agreement setup, ACV helps generators and other customers stay prepared at all times.

Visit acvenviro.com/services/emergency for more information about our emergency services, including a US Coast Guard Certified OSRO team, remote-opening and stabilization of high-hazard chemicals, marine and land services, groundwater recovery, boom deployment, and hazard categorization and segregation.


ACV Enviro is here to help! Our team is responding nationwide to the COVID-19 pandemic and here to assist your organization with decon services and solutions!

Our team is standing by 24/7/365 at 908-623-8180 or email us at deconservices@acvenviro.com.