The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently published its report on the top contributing industry sectors to production-related waste in 2017, as well as the top industry sectors that reported disposing of or otherwise releasing TRI chemicals.

Of the reported 30.57 billion pounds of TRI chemicals managed, 3.88 billion pounds (13%) were disposed of or released, while the remaining 87% of chemicals were recycled, combusted, or treated. On-site land disposal comprised 70% of disposal. On-site air releases and on-site surface water discharges accounted for 20% of disposal, while the remaining 10% consisted of off-site disposal or other releases. Click here.

A majority (51%) of the reported TRI chemicals were managed by the chemical manufacturing sector, while just 13% of chemicals disposed of or released were managed by the same industry. Conversely, the metal mining industry reported 7% of TRI chemicals managed as waste, while it accounted for 50% of the total reported TRI chemicals disposed of or released. Click here to learn more.

Reports like the EPA’s TRI National Analysis give us an insight into waste management practices in order to develop improved management practices and technologies, as well as to identify growth and industry trends. When you work with ACV Enviro, you work with a leading provider in waste management and chemical solutions, as well as a deeply connected team of experts. Click here to request more information about our waste management capabilities for your industry.

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