A 1,000-pound dairy cow produces an average of 80 pounds of manure each day. This manure is often stored in holding tanks before being applied to fields. Not only does the manure produce methane as it decomposes, it may contribute to excess nutrients in waterways. Methane emitted from manure and agro-industrial waste management systems can be captured using anaerobic digestion (AD) technology. A variety of AD technologies are available, including small-scale digesters, covered anaerobic lagoons, plug flow digesters, complete mix digesters, and advanced digesters.

In an effort to optimize maximum Nature Gas production, ACV Enviro assisted with a bi-annual media change and cleaning of the two gas scrubbers at our customer’s Biogas Plant. The system captures and burns the produced biogas to generate energy for on-farm heating, cooling, and electricity needs. The surplus electricity produced is pushed back into the utility grid, and the excess biogas is fed into natural gas pipelines.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) systems like this one not only reduce GHG emissions and produce clean energy but also act to improve air and water quality, reduce odors, improve nutrient management, increase sanitation, stimulate rural economic development, and promote sustainable environmental development. ACV Enviro is proud of our Chicago team and the work they are doing in helping solve agriculture waste problems with robust solutions.

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