Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS /PFOA) have been called “Forever Chemicals” by the media because of their pervasiveness and the difficulty in removing these compounds from the environment. Let your expert environmental team at ACV Enviro safely and securely help you classify, manage, transport and dispose PFAS/PFOA.

PFAS/PFOA are a family of chemicals used since the 1950s to manufacture stain-resistant, water-resistant, and non-stick products. PFAS are widely used as coatings in common consumer products such as food packaging, outdoor clothing, carpets, leather goods, ski and snowboard waxes, and firefighting foam—historically, used by the U.S. military, local fire departments, and airports.

PFAS have become a serious public health concern across our country. Over time, some PFAS released from manufacturing sites, firefighting foam, and other products seep into surface soils, from there, PFAS leaches into groundwater and can contaminate drinking water. PFAS have also been found in rivers, lakes, fish, and wildlife.

ACV Enviro accepts the following PFAS/PFOA waste streams:

  • Contaminated soils, sludges and groundwater
  • AFFF concentrates and firefighting foam
  • Solid or liquid remediation waste and debris

If you need assistance with this growing problem, please contact Aaron Godfrey at or 860-719-1128

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