2021 Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Health Insurance Open Enrollment FAQ’s

Q. When does open enrollment begin?
A. Open enrollment will begin on Monday 10/26 and end on Monday 11/2/2020
Q. What is open enrollment?
A. Open enrollment is important because it is one of the few times you can make changes to many of your employer provided benefits. During open enrollment employees have the option to enroll in benefits for the first time, change their current plans or coverage amounts, or to drop coverage completely.
Q. Will there be any changes to the benefit offerings for 2021?
A. Plan designs will remain the same carriers will change for Dental and Vision.
Q. Will the employee premiums increase for the 2021 plan year?
A. There will be no increase on weekly premiums
Q. Is open enrollment mandatory?
A. If you get your health insurance through ACV, the open enrollment period is mandatory for all employees to go into ADP and make their benefit selections for the 2021 plan year.
Q. Am I automatically enrolled if I am not making any changes to my plan?
A. No, you are not automatically enrolled. All employees MUST go into ADP to make their plan selections.
Q. Who can I cover on my medical plans?
A. Employees can cover spouses and dependent children with supporting documentation
Q. Do I need to provide supporting documentation (marriage and/or birth certificates) if I already did so last year?
A. No, if we have your current information on file, you do not need to provide the documentation a second time.  If you have a NEW spouse or a NEW dependent, you will have to provide supporting documentation for 2021 enrollment.
Q. Can employees cover domestic partners?
A. No. ACV currently does not offer benefits to domestic partnerships
Q. What happens if I miss the open enrollment deadline?
A. If you miss the open enrollment deadline you will not have coverage for the 2021 plan year
Q. How do I get benefits if I miss open enrollment?
A. You will have to go the open marketplace to review plan offerings
Q. What if I need help with enrolling in benefits?
A. You have the option to contact Human Resources for assistance. Please ask your local admin for HR contact information
Q. Will I have to log into ADP for benefit enrollments?
A. Yes. All employees will have to use the ADP for benefit selections and print out the CONFIRMATION of coverage
Q. When does our current benefits end?
A. Current benefits will end on December 31st, 2020
Q. When does the new benefit plans begin?
A. The new plan year starts on January 1st, 2021
Q. Who is responsible for enrolling in 2021 benefits?
A. The employees are responsible for enrolling in benefits

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