CLIENT: Steel Mill Redevelopment

MARKET SERVED: Remediation

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Benzene in ground water Air Sparge System rehabilitation

PROJECT HISTORY: At one time this was one of the largest steel mills in the world. The water front property is currently being developed and, over many years, a number of areas of concern have emerged as needing remedial activities to be undertaken.

ACV ENVIRO SOLUTION: We were retained to upgrade an existing Air Sparge /Vapor Extraction system designed to remove Benzene from ground water. The project consisted of the demolition of the above grade air injection and vapor extraction piping and site grading of a 2-acre site. ACV Enviro designed a unique hanger system to suspend HDPE piping above grade and installed it at surveyed grades that would allow condensation to flow into wells designed to receive the condensate. To that end, we precisely cut and then welded hundreds of feet of HDPE piping which was then connected to over 20 air sparge injection and vapor extraction wells.

The piping network was then connected to an existing vapor extraction blower and then entered an existing oxidizer designed to thermally destroy the Benzene, vaporized and extracted from the ground water.


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