CLIENT: City of Trenton

MARKET SERVED: Disposal & Transportation

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Transportation and Disposal of PCE contaminated soil and water

PROJECT HISTORY: Impacted soil was contaminated with PCE. An aggressive schedule was presented; 25 loads were to be loaded out over 2 days. The schedule was to load out a total of 570 tons.

ACV ENVIRO SOLUTION: Rail cars were utilized for the transportation of the material to Canada. Rail cars are permitted to be loaded to 25 tons. Groundwater was detected at 10 feet. The site had to be excavated to 15 feet. Nature did not choose to cooperate. Not only did we have a heavy rain storm, the drain in front of the property was clogged. The water runoff was directed onto our property. Due to the limited space on the property, there was no room for a frac tank. We provided a vac truck to remove excess water during excavation. We were then able to coordinate with a Canadian company, to transport the rail cars.

The property was challenging. We had an overhead wire that was directly over the excavation area and a building on either side of the property where the contaminated soil needed to be removed, up to the foundation. The soil was too wet to load. We had to work with Biogenie to determine which solidification material would be acceptable. It was determined that sawdust would be the only acceptable material. A recipe of 10% max/load was introduced. The water filled the excavated area as the soil was pulled out. We had a total of 5 vac trucks onside to remove the PCE contaminated water.


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