CLIENT: Landfill

MARKET SERVED: Remediation

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Landfill Fugitive H2S Gas Remediation

PROJECT HISTORY:  This property is a 101-acre property. Approximately 60 acres of the site was used for solid waste landfilling.   The fill included construction and demolition screenings (CDS), and specifically gypsum wallboard, which decomposes in the landfill and produced very lethal concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas. Neighboring residents began complaining about hydrogen sulfide odors.

ACV ENVIRO SOLUTION: Thermal incineration of the vapors was the only viable treatment technology for the hydrogen sulfide gas stream. We were retained to install a H2S vapor extraction and thermal destruction system for the landfill gas abatement. ACV Enviro drilled and constructed twenty-two (22) – 24-inch diameter gas extraction wells to varying depths and assembled/installed well heads with all specified valves, gages etc. A 10” diameter, high density polyethylene (HDPE) gas transmission piping system from the gas wells and existing pits was then constructed. This involved custom, in the field, cutting and welding of hundreds of feet of 10” HDPE pipe, and installing it in three, 24” deep by 600 feet trenches to bury the piping system. This system was tied into existing piping system at the H2S gas scrubber pad.

ACV Enviro tied in to the existing gas transmission system to the new gas wells and decommissioned and relocated the existing 500 CFM oxidizer and blower. A 1500/2000 CFM thermal oxidizer and scrubber system was installed and activated. Other tasks included constructing and maintaining a temporary access road, performing soil erosion and sediment control measures as needed and performing operation and maintenance of the H2S gas extraction and treatment system.


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