CLIENT: Landfill

MARKET SERVED: Disposal & Transportation

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous and Nonhazardous Waste

PROJECT HISTORY: This landfill was one of the most polluted landfills in the United States. The site was an EPA priority and EPA was intimately involved with all aspects of the project. Ground water data collected over many years at the site indicated than many contaminants would need to be removed from the produced ground water prior to discharge. Petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents and heavy metals were among those present.

ACV ENVIRO SOLUTION: We were retained to provide the design of a dewatering system aimed at lowering the water table in the landfill to allow excavation of soils, drums and other debris deposited in the landfill. ACV Enviro designed, fabricated, installed and operated the dewatering and water treatment system during the excavation and remediation process. As in any dewatering operation where excavation will occur, sediment management is critical to the efficiency of the water treatment system. The water produced during the dewatering operation was passed through a series of weir and frack tanks to allow solids and sediment to settle out. Pumps then conveyed the reduced turbidity water to a bag system pre-filter to get very fine silts and clays out of the water steam.

Granular activated carbon filters were used to remove dissolved petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. An in line Cat-ion Exchange system was used to remove heavy metals such as chrome and other toxics. All equipment, piping, filters and media were provided, installed and operated by ACV Enviro employees. Soils, drums and other wastes that were excavated during remediation were transported and disposed of by ACV Enviro employees. Health and Safety aspects of the project were also important and we completed the project with a zero incident record.


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