CLIENT: Utility

MARKET SERVED: Industrial Services

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Sediment Removal from Flush Facilities

PROJECT HISTORY: The utility company identified the “sedimentation basin” or the flocculation settling tank for cleaning. Our equipment operators and an authorized representative from the utility company confirmed all possible measures to prevent any spills or accidents, prior to conducting any work.

ACV ENVIRO SOLUTION: Once the structures were de-watered by the utility company, the vactor truck employed removing all sediment; hazardous for lead, from the flush truck facility sedimentation basins and/or flocculation settling tanks associated with the wastewater treatment system. The equipment operators utilized one vactor at a time. Each operator was responsible for operating his or her vactor, while the chemical technician loaded the vehicle. Both the equipment operator and the chemical technician remained in sight of the vactor, and of each other, during the removal process.

Upon the removal of the nonhazardous sediment, the equipment operators notified the utility company representative and completed the appropriate Nonhazardous Waste Bill of Lading. All waste material that was generated was transported to our TSD facility.


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