CoronaVirus Health Update (03172020)

We know that there are a lot of rumors and misguided information about who is or may be sick out there.  We want to make sure that people are not panicking.  When the CDC talks about Pandemic please note that is about the “spread” of the virus, not the “severity”.  As promised in earlier emails, management is committed to updating our teams and providing information to you.

We want you to know the following:

  1. The flu and allergies are still normal occurrences this time of year and in many cases that is the issue at hand.  It is NOT just about the coronavirus.  If you have heard rumors about people being sick they have all been cleared as “other” sicknesses and in cases where there are multiple degrees of separation we have asked people to stay home as an additional layer of safety.
  2. If you are sick or think you are sick- STAY HOME! Please do not come to work and then tell us you are sick.  Please get cleared by your doctor.  We understand there is a lot of panic and we want to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.
  3. Managers– All call outs will receive a follow up phone call from a manager in the service center.  This is NOT to call you out, it is to ensure the safety of everyone in the building.  Let me please stress….  If you are sick, please stay home!  If you, a family member, or someone you have been in contact with has a confirmed case please notify the General Manager or EH&S immediately so we can proactively manage it.  All of these procedures are in place to protect the entire staff.
  4. Each office has a deep cleaning plan in place to help reduce the potential spread if it gets into the service centers or disposal facilities.
  5. Tasha Perez and I are working with Managers if there are employees that are sick.  We are ensuring that they are cleared or quarantined (in potential or indirect contact) prior to letting anyone return to work. Please don’t get caught up in rumors… We understand that it is human nature and inevitable but we promise that we will make sure that IF we have a situation that requires further action we will work with everyone that MAY be at risk.

I promise you that the management team is working through any case that is coming up and it is a priority.  We need open and honest communication between employees and management and we WILL get through this.  Right now, we are EXTREMELY BUSY and it is going to take the whole team to keep things moving.

I understand this a very difficult time with conditions changing by the second.  We will keep everyone up to date as we get more information.  If we all do our part to follow the procedures laid out before us, it should go a long way to keeping us all safe!  Thank you for your help in advance.

Safe or Stop

Donna Miller Vice President Environmental, Health & Safety


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