COVID-19 Message from CEO

ACV Enviro Team,

I wanted to send a thank you out for all the hard work and dedication through this very challenging time. I have three items I wanted to update you on.

First, as stores have sold out of hand and surface disinfectant cleaners, ACV Enviro has bought bulk quantities of each type so we can containerize and send out to all our offices. This week we are bottling one thousand bottles of surface disinfectant with the goal of sending the bottles out by the end of the week. This can be used as a work area/vehicle cab disinfectant. We are also bottling three thousand bottles of hand sanitizer early next week. We plan to ship these out to all offices with the goal of providing every ACV Team member with a bottle for work and a bottle for home. I wanted to thank Mike Dello, Jason Wellins, and Kirk Baker for tirelessly scouring the country to find these bulk products for us to repackage and send out.

If this program is helpful and shortages continue, we will keep the supply rolling out to each office for the next few weeks until retail suppliers can catch up.

Secondly, many don’t realize the incredible work you, as ACV, are doing during this COVID-19 crisis.  To start, ACV has worked with the federal government to disinfect many senators’ offices and the Supreme Court.  We have worked with many local governments to disinfect police stations, town buildings, and mass transportation terminals (airports, rails, buses).  Our work does not end with the government.  ACV is working with the largest box maker in the US (Amazon’s supplier) to keep their 10 factories open for the mail order supply chain to remain uninterrupted.  Similarly, we have cleaned multiple food industry facilities like grocery and convenience stores.

While COVID-19 is a major crisis and at the forefront of everyone’s minds, ACV has done everything to maintain its day-to-day business of supporting the country’s infrastructure.  We work diligently to keep the energy flowing into homes for electricity and heat and respond to emergencies to keep our highways open.  All that, on top of moving massive amounts of hazardous waste into our plants to keep our environment cleaner, is what makes ACV Enviro the best in the business.

Third, and finally, your teamwork and leadership have minimized the impact of the virus on our operations.  Weekly deep cleanings and daily maintenance cleaning schedules help greatly with the challenge of keeping our ACV team safe and healthy, while reducing the spread of the virus.  I want everyone at ACV to know what an incredibly positive impact you are making for your health, your families health and the countries health.

Please don’t become complacent about all the healthy habits like social distancing to the best of our ability outside and in work, relentlessly disinfecting our work area, washing hands, and not touching our faces. All these little steps keep everyone safer and healthy through this cold, flu, allergy, and COVID-19 season.

Andy Shackett / Chief Executive Officer


ACV Enviro is here to help! Our team is responding nationwide to the COVID-19 pandemic and here to assist your organization with decon services and solutions!

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