COVID-19 Update Oct 2020

ACV Enviro Team,

We are seeing an increase in positive cases both across the country and within ACV and we want to make sure that we are proactively managing any potential issue.

Starting Immediately:

  1. If you get up from your assigned work stations, please use a mask.  We need to ensure that we protect each employee at ACV.
  2. All conference rooms, meeting rooms, break areas, training rooms will have capacity signs hung. Please following posted capacity guidelines

The Rules:

  1. Please wear a mask… especially if you are working around other people or you are in multiple offices. You should always have your mask on you.
  2. Maintain 6 feet of distance. Let’s say maintain 10 feet (that way it really is 6 ft)
  3. If you feel you were exposed- STAY HOME AND CALL YOUR SUPERVISOR .  Please do not come to work and then figure out how to deal with it.
  4. If you go on vacation that is your right but please note that there are consequences to those actions. A negative covid test is required PRIOR to returning to work if you are coming from a state that is showing increased cases.  Please be aware that more than 75% of the country is currently showing an increase in positive cases.
  5. All of the offices are continuing with decon practices to help reduce possible exposure.
  6. If you are driving in a vehicle with other people, please make sure that you are using a face mask and maintaining social distancing while on a job site.

In order to reduce the risk it takes an active commitment on everyone’s part.  Please always have your face mask with you so it is easy to put on when needed.

Donna Miller / Vice President of EH&S

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