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The COVID-19 Coronavirus affects human bodies similar to the flu causing a wide-range of symptoms from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Precautions are underway across the globe to contain and control the spread of the disease with increased precautions and additional sanitation measures to avoid contamination.

One of the most common routes of contamination of the COVID-19 Coronavirus is through contact with contaminated surfaces. By touching contaminated surfaces and then touching eyes, mouth and nose, individuals expose themselves to the virus and risk infection. The best defense? Keep surfaces clean and disinfected.

The process of environmental disinfection involves procedures of cleaning and disinfection, which should be carried out by trained professionals. ACV Enviro has the trained and certified team to deal with this potential hazard and help your organization avoid further spread of the virus and cross-contamination.

Why don’t you let us help. Our team is on the front lines responding nationwide to decontamination projects at mass transit locations, in rail cars, commercial buildings, schools, laboratories and government offices. We are well-versed in providing 24/7/365 service and helping to reduce the potential COVID-19 risk with overnight decontamination cleanings.

Our field and EH&S teams are ready to assist our customers and communities with a professional solution, we will:

  • Accurately assess the area and allow for proper personnel to handle the cleaning procedures, applying disinfectants according to infection prevention and control protocols,
  • Decontaminate using Level C protection (poly tyveks, full face respirators w/ P100 cartridges),
  • Waste will be containerized and properly disposed of taking every precaution necessary to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.


For immediate response, contact our DECONTAMINATION RESPONSE LINE at 908-623-8180 or if you prefer to email, deconservices@acvenviro.com.

decontamination in dc

ACV Helps In DC

Our ACV Enviro team is staying on top of sanitizing and decontaminating places affected by #COVID19 in Washington D.C.

Our team is working 24/7/365, nationwide, following strict protocols to safely and effectively combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Do you need a team committed to safety? Our team is a frontline responder, exceeding the decontamination practices established by organizations like the CDC and OSHA?

Don’t depend on anyone else – call ACV Enviro TODAY at 908-623-8180.





decontamination suit clean off

BIC Magazine Highlights Our Decon Efforts

ACV Enviro has been working for months with various organizations, large and small, to assist in the assessment of COVID-19, as well as other, communicable diseases.

We’ve extended our ER services team to respond to the needs of our customers and communities 24/7/365, providing professionally trained teams equipped with the right product and procedures to safely clean, decontaminate, and properly dispose of the waste.

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suiting up

Bloomberg Talks Why Professional Decon is Important

The spread of the #coronavirus has sparked demand for biohazard cleanup services and ACV Enviro is one of the nation’s go to companies to get the job done right!



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ACV Enviro is here to help! Our team is responding nationwide to the COVID-19 pandemic and here to assist your organization with decon services and solutions!

Our team is standing by 24/7/365 at 908-623-8180 or email us at deconservices@acvenviro.com.