High Hazardous materials

High-Hazardous Remote-Opening And Stabilization

When it comes to working with high-hazard materials, the ACV Enviro Team should be your first call. ACV Enviro develops strategies to safely assess, handle, and stabilize sensitive materials including: peroxide-formers, pressurized containers, and potentially explosive chemicals. We will approach your high-haz situations with the utmost care and discretion, and we’ll arrive with a plan that anticipates all possible outcomes. Our trailer-mounted remote-opening device is able to safely unseal containers up to 55 gallons from a safe distance. Our equipment and our trained experts are mobile and ready to visit your site when you need them the most.

Contact our team to discuss your concerns related to your high-hazard materials/situations, including; self-reactive, shock-sensitive, temperature-controlled chemicals; explosive chemicals; spilled hazardous chemicals and PIH materials.

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