Lab Pack Solutions

Lab Pack Solutions

Small quantity chemical wastes, such as laboratory reagents, chemical mixtures, and maintenance chemicals can pose a unique handling and disposal concern due to their various hazards and potential to adversely react with one another.

At ACV Enviro, all our degreed Lab Pack Chemists undergo extensive training to assure your wastes are safely and properly characterized, packaged and labeled prior to shipment for disposal or treatment.

You can rest easy knowing your wastes are being handled by experienced professionals who have successfully completed thousands of lab packs for various research, educational, healthcare, government, pharmaceutical and industrial customers.

ACV Enviro’s Trained Chemists Can Help With:

  • Laboratory Reagents Disposal
  • Laboratory Chemical Move Services
  • Laboratory Closures
  • Employee Training
  • Pharmaceutical Disposition
  • R & D Laboratory Waste Programs
  • Laboratory Waste Minimization Programs
  • Reactive Chemical Assessments
  • Remote-Opening and Stabilization of High-Hazard Chemicals
  • Waste Compliance Questions
  • Radioactive materials
  • Unknowns Characterization and Testing
  • Cylinder and Lecture Bottle Disposal
  • Choice of Disposal Options
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Destruction of Consumer Goods

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Chemical Containment
Chemical Containment

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