Lab Decommissioning

Laboratory Decommissioning Solutions

ACV Enviro’s staff can provide laboratory closure plans and services tailored to fit your needs. Based on an assessment of the materials and types of operations previously performed at your facility, we will develop custom decommission procedure for your laboratories. Each project includes an all-inclusive, site-specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP) to ensure the project is completed safely.

We will assure that all chemical, biological, and physical hazards are addressed and removed from all areas of the laboratory including storage areas, cabinets, bench tops and fume hoods.

When necessary, we can arrange for radiological materials decontamination and radiation release surveys.

Any hazardous materials encountered will be efficiently disposed of by our trained lab pack chemists.

Upon completion, you will be provided with all disposal documentation, as well as documentation regarding the elimination of all other hazardous from the laboratory areas.

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Our team is on the front lines responding nationwide to decontamination projects at mass transit locations, in rail cars, commercial buildings, schools, laboratories and government offices. We are well-versed in providing 24/7/365 service and helping to reduce the potential COVID-19 risk with overnight decontamination cleanings. For immediate response, contact our DECONTAMINATION RESPONSE LINE at 908-623-8180 or our EMERGENCY RESPONSE LINE at 800-7-SPILLS (800-777-4557).