Specialized Waste

Specialized Waste Solutions

Certain waste materials, because of their characteristics, may require specialized handling and disposal procedures. These may include such things as:

Cylinders and Lecture Bottles – ACV Enviro is equipped to properly dispose of all your compressed gas wastes. With staff trained on proper cylinder handling and overpack procedures, we can safely dispose of old, non-shippable cylinders.

Reactive Chemicals – Materials, such as, organic peroxides, picric acid and peroxide-forming solvents may become unstable or develop explosive characteristics while in storage. ACV’s high-hazard chemical experts are trained to remotely-open and stabilize/treat these materials prior to safely shipping for disposal.

Radioactive materials – ACV Enviro can arrange for the secure and proper disposal of your low level radioactive wastes assuring they are packaged, shipped and tracked correctly.

Unknown Materials – All ACV Enviro Chemists are trained in effective field screen and sampling procedures for unknown wastes. Small quantity materials can be safely field screened and disposed of through our lab pack program, while larger containers can be sampled and tested prior to disposal.

Spill Response – In addition to our 24/7 emergency response services, all lab pack chemists’ vehicles come fully equipped with the materials and appropriate PPE to clean up most any type and size of laboratory chemical spill.

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Cleaning Hazardous Materials
Caution Hazardous


Our team is on the front lines responding nationwide to decontamination projects at mass transit locations, in rail cars, commercial buildings, schools, laboratories and government offices. We are well-versed in providing 24/7/365 service and helping to reduce the potential COVID-19 risk with overnight decontamination cleanings. For immediate response, contact our DECONTAMINATION RESPONSE LINE at 908-623-8180 or our EMERGENCY RESPONSE LINE at 800-7-SPILLS (800-777-4557).