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Soil Processing Solutions

ACV Enviro’s Soil Processing Facility (formerly Deep Green of New York) is a New York State Solid Waste permitted facility in New Windsor, NY. We are permitted to store approximately 11,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soils and we have a throughput of up to 525 tons per day. ACV Enviro’s Soil Processing Facility uses high temperature rotary kiln treatment to thermally destroy petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants in soils creating an inert recycled material for potential re-use and/or backfill.

Unlike most soil processors that mix contaminated soils with other soils for use as landfill application, encapsulation, and/or asphalt dilution; our team thermally destroys contaminants to a level of 99.99% reducing our client’s potential liability. Thermal treatment is the only process that quickly converts hydrocarbons to harmless steam and carbon dioxide. ACV Enviro guarantees processed materials have been treated as per NYSDEC standards.

All ACV Enviro’s soil processing operations are controlled under a 25,000-square foot enclosed treatment area specially designed with leak detection, lining, controlled storm water runoff protection and groundwater monitoring. Let our team be your partner with a responsible, cost-effective solution for your contaminated soil projects by showing you our state-of-the-art soil remediation process.

We provide these services:

  • The best opportunity for protection from future liability
  • We eliminate generator liability by thermally destroying petroleum contamination
  • Our rigid operational procedures ensure environmentally secure storage, handling and thermal processing
  • Our experienced staff and proven operational processes provide treatment and delivery to meet your schedule
  • We provide a certificate of recycling confirming the treatment of contaminated soil(s)
  • We provide testing and transportation of your contaminated materials
  • We guarantee meeting or exceeding vigorous State cleanup standards
  • We store and test processed soil to ensure clean fill standards
  • We can supply inert recycled material for potential re-use and/or backfill after processing

Update on Expanded Permitting | March 19, 2018

As of February 28, 2018 Cycle Chem Inc. d.b.a. ACV Enviro New Windsor NY (ACV-NW), formerly Deep Green of New York has temporarily stopped receiving petroleum contaminated soil. ACV-NW will be repairing and upgrading our facility, and going through a permit modification to increase the types of non-hazardous materials we can receive. ACV-NW will be taking this opportunity to expand the disposal options offered to our customers including: beneficial reuse for soils, thermal treatment of soils, solidification of non-municipal solid waste for landfill, bulk oil and water treatment, and a Ten Day In-transit transfer area for hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We will keep you updated as our permit modification proceeds.


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