Marine Solutions

Marine Solutions

Emergency marine spill? Let the ACV Enviro Marine Team contain and manage your over the water issues. Our team is Coast Guard Certified OSRO and has the ability to respond to open water and inland spills for the following areas: Delaware Bay, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New England and Baltimore. Let our team provide safe, professional response, collection, recovery, recycling, treatment, storage and disposal services to you, like we do for many of our responses.

ACV Enviro has been providing marine environmental services for nearly 40 years. Our marine teams have the equipment and properly trained personnel ready to many of your needs on the East Coast. We hold US Coast Guard Mobile Marine Transfer Facility permits for various COTP zones throughout the Northeast. We own and operate U.S. Coast Guard-approved liquid vacuum trucks and we have on standby thousands of feet of boom, tons of absorbent and standby equipment necessary to respond to nearly any marine response or emergency.

We provide these services:

  • USDA Approval for Removal of Regulated Waste
  • MARPOL Vessel To Shore Transfer of Waste Oil/Water
  • Containment Boom Deployment
  • US Coast Guard Mobile Marine Transfer Permits
  • Vessel to Shore Transfer of Waste Oil Water from Bilge Cleaning
  • USDA Approval for Removal of MARPOL
  • Booming Services

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vessel to shore transfer
containment boom deployment


ACV Enviro is here to help! Our team is responding nationwide to the COVID-19 pandemic and here to assist your organization with decon services and solutions!

Our team is standing by 24/7/365 at 908-623-8180 or email us at