June 1 – 2 2017
Camp Hill, PA

The operations seminar is planned to provide speakers and presentations of interest to the industry. Over the past five years, seminar registrations have averaged over 255 attendees.

Past seminars have included topics such as: Industry Technology Advances/Initiatives; Emergency Exercises and Procedures; Cross Bores; MAOP and Verification Process; Damage Prevention; NGVs – How Do You Build Infrastructure?; On The Job Training; Safety Best Practices; Marcellus Shale Update; Stray Gas – How You Identify and Who You Notify; DriveCam Program Implementations and Lessons Learned; DIMP First Year Audit Findings; New Employee On-Boarding; Natural Gas Service Expansion Initiatives; Performance Management of Cast Iron Mains Replacement; Break From The Past: Getting Results for “Unpiggable Gas Pipelines”; DOT Pipeline Safety Rules Update


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